How to be a good ally to Rromani people


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-Don’t say “G*psy”. Or “G*pped”. No matter how it’s spelled.
-Correct others who use the words.
-Punch Holocaust deniers in the throat.
-Avoid supporting businesses or musicians that use offensive terminology. Or at the very least, be aware of how damaging they are.
-Don’t accept “historical accuracy” or “art” as excuses for people to be anti-Rromani.
-Don’t perpetuate stereotypes.

Thank you! Najis tuke!

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how do i pull off latino prep without looking like a lil marco rubio
*puts on college sweater and secretly loathes myself*

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if I had a list of all the people who profited off of my organizing…


White people remind me of those serial killers you see on TV that kill a bunch of people & keep an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry that belonged to the people they killed to wear for “fun”.


joan rivers has a family...




so do the palestinians she wished dead

fuck her family

When you are an affluent-seeming white man and you ask for things that don’t belong to you, sometimes you’re not really asking. It’s sort like Bill Clinton asking Monica Lewinsky to have sex with him. There’s a context behind the asking.

When you ask a serviceperson for something that doesn’t belong to you, there is often a subtext of, “If I complain to your manager, you know your manager is going to listen to me. Just look at me, and look at you.”

And sometimes, of course, this is not the case at all, and you’re just being a garden-variety annoying customer. Or a bully.

If you seem to be “getting everything you want,” you should probably examine whether you’re getting it at someone’s expense, or whether you’re just constantly, in small ways, making the world worse.

in case y’all forgot what i looked like

in case y’all forgot what i looked like





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Show me what your underwear looks like
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